Kindle E-Books by McPherson

Besides the following listed books, I also have about 70 articles available through Kindle, as e-books.

These are easily accessible as downloads to a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The necessary software is free to download a readable versions from Kindle.

This is easy, fast, and safe to do.

Those who do not want to learn how to download the software can probably find a teenager to do that for them!

Those who prefer a printed copy can send me the precise article name, a check for the kindle e-book price, and an e-mail address.  I will reply with an attached, printable document file — I ask only that the customer not share this file or any printed version of the document with others.

General Notes

The deluxe color printed versions are much more expensive due to the cost of vibrant color printing on extra-white paper, which requires drying time for each side of each page. These, have the advantage of showing more detail in the brother pictures. The standard-color versions use less vibrant inks on less expensive paper that is not quite as bright and is about 10% lighter. The black-and-white editions are more affordable and still contain the same written information and pictures. Many of these books are also available electronically, from Kindle. Excepting Zigzag Canyon, these books all include a plethora of excellent photographs covering the subject; if ones budget allows, generally, one will find the color versions are worth the extra cost, because the pictures show details better and are, in many instances, eye candy.

Brief descriptions of books available from McPherson

The few remaining copies available through the author, and as collectables.